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Adrian Chua

Adrian Chua is the Course Manager of the Diploma in Interaction Design in the School of Interactive & Digital Media at Nanyang Polytechnic. He is currently managing the IXD program for all students at SIDM. He lectures on the mix of design and technology, the creation of dynamic social websites and database creation for designers.

Lead technologist at the Interaction Labs at NYP/SIDM, Adrian believes in pushing good design and technology to its limits through innovation. His research projects cover the areas of interaction design, programming, physical computing and the blending of different technologies to bridge the gap between different type of media and platforms.

His experience, patents and works span across many industries, mainly focusing on the industries of design, web and social media, telecommunications, finance and education.

Presentation Title:

Case Study: Implementing a Mobile Freshmen Orientation Program @ Nanyang Polytechnic


Once a year in April, there comes a gathering of thousands of young enthusiastic kids, thirsty for higher education and the promise of learning. With little or no expectations of what is to come, they are waiting to be inspired and be impressed in this new chapter of their lives at the Nanyang Polytechnic.
This is the story of how a small group of lecturers at School of Interactive Digital Media managed to pull off an Orientation program that lived up to the brand promise of the Polytechnic - Innovative and Enterprising.”

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