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Siddharth Jain

As Creative Director of Playware Studios Asia, Siddharth Jain deals with game design, production, technical art & music direction. He heads a technology, platform and genre independent team that has successfully developed casual, card and multiplayer arena games released worldwide and also a range of serious games for the institutions such as Singapore’s Ministry of Education, Singapore Management University and the Center for Learning Innovation, Department of Education Technology, NSW, Australia.

He is a media veteran who has worked on triple digit hours of television programming, double digit game titles, multimedia applications, game engines and tools. He is a visiting faculty to University SIM and Nanyang Technology University and is on several agency and industry advisory panels.


Presentation Title:

Learning to Play – Challenges and Strategies for Creating Engagement in Training and Skills Development


An increasing body of research is proving that game-based learning, scenario based learning, virtual worlds for training, just-in-training, etc can be extremely successful and powerful tools for skills development and training. However the current solutions are available to corporates only as a stand-alone, bespoke, rigid, large and cumbersome projects that make it difficult for Human Resources and learning, training teams to rationalise the use of such projects.
This session will be a sharing of case studies that demonstrate how some innovative schools, institutions and thought leaders in corporate education are tackling these problems to make games a viable option for teaching and learning.

This session will talk about how cutting edge technologies such as the Unity3D engine, Microsoft Azure Cloud (Azure SQL and Sharepoint) and 3DHive, social media and online documents can be used in conjunction to create highly immersive and engaging 3D learning experiences that are available on a vast majority of devices and platforms in use today.

In this session, you will learn:

- How you can use virtual worlds to create anytime, anywhere engaging online experiences in a way that both the subject matter experts and participants are not required to commit too much time

- Ideas on creating multilevel content where the attendees are able to explore the depths of the content as per their own inclinations and requirements – so people who are interested in the overview or summary can just look at that, or people who want to understand the nuances of a specific experience are able to explore that as well

- Create effective online virtual worlds for learning that can have various different contexts depending on their audiences to be sensitive to cultural, religious, or geographical differences that may come into play

- Content can be created in ways that are available to participants for use in the future as ‘just-in-time content’ – how content can be created in a way that can be consumed as a continuous learning activity or short and punchy reference points as the need may be

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