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Mark Pegrum

Mark is an associate professor in the Faculty of Education at The University of Western Australia, where he teaches in the areas of e-learning and mlearning. His research focuses on mobile technologies and digital literacies. His recent books include “Brave New Classrooms: Democratic Education and the Internet”, “From Blogs to Bombs: The Future of Digital Technologies in Education” and “Digital Literacies”.

He is an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Virtual and Personal Learning Environments, a member of the Editorial Board of Language Learning & Technology, a member of the Review Panel of the International Journal of Pedagogies and Learning, and a reviewer for System. He teaches in Perth, Hong Kong and Singapore and has given presentations and run seminars on e-learning and m-learning in Australia and New Zealand, East and Southeast Asia, and the UK and Europe.



Presentation Title:

Mobile Pedagogy: Between Affordability and Affordances


We will begin by looking at the rapid expansion of mobile technologies over recent decades, considering what this means for opening up internet access in general and educational possibilities in particular. We will explore both the affordability and affordances of mobile technologies for teaching and learning, and will look at three main kinds of learning scenarios where mobile devices can play a role: where the devices are mobile but the learners and the learning are not; where the devices and the learners are mobile but the learning is not; and where the devices, the learners and the learning are all mobile.

Building on this tripartite division, we will briefly investigate three main agendas for incorporating mobile technologies into education: the transformation of teaching and learning; the development of 21st century skills; and social justice.

We will go on to examine a number of mini-case studies of mobile language and literacy interventions from around Asia and the rest of the world, asking in each case what kinds of learning scenarios are involved, and to what extent each project transforms teaching and learning, develops 21st century skills, and/or fulfils social justice aims.

This presentation is suitable for:

  • Teachers at all levels of education, with or without technological expertise
  • Managers and administrators of educational institutions
  • Researchers into mobile learning
  • Those involved in ICT4D and other development projects around the globe
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