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Dr. Ashley Tan

Dr. Ashley Tan is the Head of the Centre for eLearning at the National Institute of Education. He was awarded NIE’s Overseas Graduate Scholarship to pursue a Ph.D. in 2002.

He returned to Singapore in 2006 and has led the efforts of the Centre for e-Learning since 2010. Ashley has facilitated a variety courses for pre-service and in-service teachers, and graduate students: ICT for Meaningful Learning, Educational Psychology, E-Learning Tools for Training, and Managing Change with ICT.

More recently, Ashley shared his efforts to change education for the better at platforms like TEDxYouthSingapore talk and a Google Apps for Education conference in Jakarta.

Presentation Title:

Jailbreaking Education with Mobile Learning


People who jailbreak their smartphones do so to take greater control of their devices and to customize their user experiences. In a similar fashion, learners and educators have started "jailbreaking" education so that they take ownership of learning and to individualize education. They do this despite the fact that the system may not be ready to accept their actions. During this interactive talk, the speaker will highlight some of the disruptions and opportunities afforded by mobile learning devices and lead a discussion on strategies for jailbreaking education.

The four areas of disruption (and opportunities) that he will highlight are:

  1. The teacher is not the only source of information (you can learn to facilitate)
  2. More learning happens outside the classroom (you can take advantage of what happens outside the classroom)
  3. Learning seems more distributed and distracted (you can go where the learner is)
  4. It is easier to "cheat" now/Current assessments are inadequate (you can measure more outcomes differently)
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