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Dr. Graeme Salter

Graeme is an international speaker who has over 20 years experience in the use of technology in teaching. He was awarded the degree of ‘Doctor of Teaching’ for his research into the use of online learning in training.

He has developed a wide range of educational resources for both traditional e-learning environments and mobile devices.He enjoys helping people profit financially and increase their credibility through packaging up their knowledge and expertise in a wide variety of digital formats for different online marketplaces.


Presentation Title:

Mobile Learning and Global Marketplaces: Opportunities and Threats


The education landscape is changing rapidly with the ability to make training available online to vast global audiences. There are tremendous income opportunities for anyone who has valuable knowledge they can present, no matter where they live in the world. This removes the need for people in poorer countries to travel overseas (and away from family and friends) to earn a first-world income. On the other hand, there are significant threats to existing educational institutions.

This session will explore the opportunities available to individuals and institutions to tap into the opportunity global education marketplaces provide. It will also explore how current face-to-face institutions can minimize the potential threats.

Workshop Title:

Mobile Marketing for your Business
(One Day: 4 Oct)


Did you know that by 2014, 85% of mobile devices will be web-enabled and that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet? There is huge potential in reaching new clients by using mobile technologies. There are also huge risks in falling behind if you don't. A mobile marketing strategy is no longer just nice to have, but an essential for any business.

The business landscape for mobile technologies is complex - app stores, mCommerce, mobile advertising, social media, mobile marketplaces, mobile business productivity tools & mobile-optimized websites are just some of the components that need to be considered. In this workshop you will learn which components are a match for your business and how to incorporate them into an effective mobile marketing strategy.

Come join Graeme and learn how you can use mobile marketing to reach more customers and improve your bottom line!

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