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Jarrod Johnson

Jarrod Johnson currently teaches at Pulteney Grammar School, in Adelaide, South Australia, where he is the Coordinator of Online Learning (COOL) and ICT Integration E-12. He was AISSA's Secondary Teacher of the Year for South Australia in 2011 and also works with the University of Adelaide; School of Education running the ICT Integration Workshops for final year teaching students and Masters level students in Singapore. He is keenly interested in the role that ICT plays in education in the 21st Century. Jarrod's work extends to helping both teachers and students to develop iPhone apps, 3D printing, blended coursework, ePortfolios and exploring ICT Innovation.

Presentation Title:

Steps to Implementing a Flipped Classroom


Teachers may have heard of the flipped classroom, and want to set up their classes to make use of this technique, but how do we get started at the coalface of teaching. This workshop will outline "What is the flipped classroom?", and discuss the stages to transform your pedagogy to move towards the flipped model in easy steps. You will find that the change is less about champions striving ahead, and more about teachers taking one small step themselves, whilst supporting those around them.

The techniques outlined are how to set up the flipped classroom at the coalface. Starting with ‘old school’ methodology and moving through power point, narrated power point/video, on device video to at home video and mobile learning. The tools discussed are those that can be used to set up the videos and transform your current teaching to a flipped video in relatively easy steps.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What the Flipped Classroom means
  • The stages of the Flipped Classroom
  • The tools and techniques needed to flip
  • How to narrate a power point
  • How to do a screen capture
  • How to publish your material to YouTube
  • How to change school practice to support the other teachers
  • How to utilise students as collaborative learners to produce podcast
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