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Dr. Lim Heuiseok

Heuiseok is Professor at the Korea University. He got his BS, MS and Ph.D at the department of computer science at Korea University. He has been a professor since his two year career in a research center, SITEC, which belongs to Samsung. His research interests are: computational neuro language processing of the human brain, intelligent tutoring system, and information retrieval.

He has published many papers and books on smart education, E-learning, and brain-based learning. He is one of leaders of the Korea government project to develop the World’s best software for smart education.

Presentation Title:

Innovative Smart Classes in Korea: Outcomes and Concerns


Korea is one of top countries in terms of ICT environment - more than 75% of the population has at least one smart device. Citizens can get access to the internet at any place and time. Even President Barak Obama urged the U.S. to benchmark Korea’s digital revolutions in schools.
During the talk, the speaker will introduce cutting-edge technologies for smart education in Korea. He will discuss how the technologies are exploited for creating smart classes in elementary, middle and high schools. Besides prospective outcomes, concerns and future directions for better smart education will be proposed.

In this session, Dr Lim will highlight:

  • Various types of smart technologies, including high-tech based environments and solutions to make students engage and participate in class; and assisting tools for in-class and out-of-class education
  • How smart technologies can be applied to increase students’ engagement and participation in a class
  • Practical Korean digital text books - Design, Interface and functions that are used in and out-of-class
  • Korea nation-wide policies to innovate and change education paradigms so as to cultivate 21st Century learners’ competences
  • Aspects that must be considered to adopt smart technologies into conventional classes
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