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Timothy Seow

Timothy Seow is one of the founders of D. ink Pte Ltd, a 5 year old Interactive Brand Marketing company in Singapore which specializes in Augmented Reality.

D. ink was established in 2008 as a digital creative studio. The company grew its service line to include brand conceptualisation and market strategy formulation and today has a clientele that includes a number of multinational corporations.

Tim has been involved with digital advertising since 2004, as well as traditional print and ambient advertising. Working with brands like Clear Channel, P&G, BBC, Rinnai and various ad agencies, he has been actively developing and executing client campaigns with a focus on UI design and UX strategy marketing using emerging technologies.

Tim's specialties are creative marketing conceptualisation using emerging digital technologies, focusing on Augmented Reality (D'fusion) developer.


Presentation Title:

Augmented Reality: Convergence of the Digital and Physical in Learning


Augmented Reality holds great promise for the world of education and learning. Augmented Reality superimposes a layer of relevant information on top of reality - which could be a physical location, an object or an image – with a layer of relevant and useful information. This layer could be text, 3D graphics, a video or an animation.

As such, it produces a new experience and could respond to user input. AR gives rise to tremendous opportunities for learning and education – students could look at a pond in an outdoor nature studies class and be presented with a range of information about marine and plant life in and around the pond or an art student could point the camera of his phone at a piece of art and be presented with all kinds of information about it and the painter.

This session will explain and explore the following topics:

  • Our digital world as we know it
  • What’s augmented reality?
  • How it can be used and applied in everyday life
  • What are the current applications and usage of this technology and a look at a number of case-studies?
  • Possible and potential applications for mobile learning
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