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Phyllis Pham

Ms Phyllis Pham is the head of department for Humanities and Curriculum Leadership in Clementi Town Secondary School. She is a teacher who is committed to enabling her students to learn in authentic and meaningful ways and works with closely with her team of teachers to enhance the engagement of student learning.

Presentation Title:

Implementation of a Mobile Heritage Trail for Clementi Town Sec School


The sharing focuses on the development of trails involving the use of SMARTphones where learning contents were designed and developed by the team and uploaded to the SMARTphones. Upon arrival at the site, instructions would be activated via GPS on the SMARTphones. Students would access information pre-loaded by teachers, plan for inquiry, take photographs and videos, record audio, collect using dataloggers as they move around and carry out their investigations.

Students would be required to analyse and synthesize the data and information to complete performance tasks and submit their answers online. Supported by laptops, teachers would also be able to monitor students’ progress remotely through the learning management system and provide real-time feedback and evaluation or additional stimulus materials to support learning. This would enable the students to reflect on their own learning and progress, enable them to clarify misconceptions and be more on-task, and hence experience the thrill of personal discovery and be more motivated to learn.

Using the inquiry approach, students interact with the authentic environment to gather the necessary evidences or data to resolves problems or issues given the scenario.

The team has since developed 2 trails; one at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and the other around Clementi Neighborhood, each focusing on different issues such as environmental conservation and Social defence.
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