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Kapil Garg

Kapil Garg is a Co-Founder & CEO of KC Robotics & Embedded P. Ltd. He has been involved in developing the STEM learning product and teaching it in Schools. He believes in tackling the core issues of education and developing products for better education. He has successfully designed more than 20 robotics programs and accessories for students from Std. 4th to undergraduates.

He did his Engineering from Grade 1 Engineering college – JSSATE , Delhi – NCR. He has worked as design engineer with automobile companies such as ACTIA , Minda  and HERO for more than 3.5 years and has spent time in France and 6 months in china assuming different roles and responsibilities. He has also trained more than 10,000 Engineering undergraduates in many reputed institutes in India.


Presentation Title:

Engaging Students in STEM Learning Through the Use of Robotics


STEM – Science, technology, Engineering & mathematics is the key requirement in today’s world where most of our common, everyday devices have a lot embedded technology and, to use them effectively, one has to understand the abecedarian behind it. This knowledge should be imparted in early childhood education. India currently produces more than 150,000 engineers every year - the 2nd highest number in the world, but only 10% of these graduates have the relevant skills; so we have the quantity, but not the quality.

This talk focuses on the importance of STEM education, the availability of tools to teach STEM and the methods to evaluate the best tools to impart STEM education. 

There would be live demonstrations of the MechanzO™ and LinkUp™ platforms to give a fair idea of how Robotics can be used to teach STEM concepts. We will share the experience, statistics and the mechanics of the tool, which has been used by more than 10,000 school students in India.

The target audience for this talk includes educators, product developers, entrepreneurs & service providers.  

Attendees will learn:

  • The requirements of STEM education
  • Effective use of Robotics to teach STEM
  • How to evaluate the best tool to teach STEM
  • Uses of the MechanzO™ & LinkUP™ Platform
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