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Geoff Stead

Geoff is the Head of Mobile Learning at Qualcomm, working internally to empower staff, and externally to encourage more effective use of mobile learning for all.

His team works with cutting edge mobile technologies to explore and champion how they should be used for learning. One of the founders of Mobile Learning, he has been creating innovative mobile tools and techniques with educators across the globe since 2001.

A recognized expert in Learning Technologies, Geoff advises the mobile industry(GSMA), education departments, and governments (EU, UK, USA) on perfecting the blend between mainstream consumer technologies, and enhanced learning and teaching, both in the developed world, and emerging economies.

Presentation Title:

Future of Learning - Dreaming & Preparing for 2020

Mobile technologies and behaviours are evolving so rapidly that it feels impossible to predict what we will be doing with them in five years time. Is it the fantastical science fiction of today? Or something as yet unimagined? And more importantly to us as educators, what should we be doing to prepare for this.

Companies like Qualcomm invest heavily in trying to understand, and prepare for the technologies of the future – but it can take many years before these ideas get adopted by educators. Geoff will explore some of the emerging technologies that will be impacting, and shaping learning in the near future, helping to consolidate our strategies for today.


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